Who doesn’t love to read? I mean, come on: you get to enter into a billion new worlds every time you start a new one and you can get to know a lot of different characters over the years. The issue for readers, however, is simple: what book to read next! My name is Demri Cameron and, although I am a first time blogger, reading is one of my biggest passions! I am a middle school English and Reading teacher, so you can always find a book in my hands whether it be a physical book or on my Kindle. I’ve read so many books, I don’t even have a favorite! Over the past ten years, I have been known as the go-to person for what book to read next in my town and at school. I am usually the first one to read brand new novels so that I can give input to students and fellow teachers on whether or not they should read the book, as well. By reading and looking at my blog, you’ll be able to find a variety of novels as well as different series’s my different authors to see whether certain books are right for you, your child, or your classroom if you are a fellow teacher!

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