The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

Summary: “The Betrothed” follows Lady Hollis Brite as she maneuvers through life in the Keresken Castle trying to win over King Jameson. Soon it became clear from Jameson that he was in fact falling for Lady Hollis and he started treating her as his queen, although not yet married. One night, a family from a neighboring country, the Eastoffe’s, came seeking refuge from king Jameson and Lady Hollis, which is granted. Little did Lady Hollis know, but oldest son Silas is an interesting new character in the novel. Hollis slowly begins to fall for Silas, although she is betrothed to the king. Hollis realizes her love for him and tells the king she could not accept his proposal, leaving that same night with Silas on horseback. Two weeks later, the two are wed before disaster strikes. By the next morning, the only ones remaining are Scarlet, Lady Eastoffe, and Lady Hollis. The three make their way to Hollis’s childhood home, where she is not the sole owner and mistress of. While there, they make their plans and figure out what to do next.

Review: When I began this book, I didn’t expect for it to go from love and happily ever after to death and destruction. I was rooting for Hollis and Jameson from the very beginning and was not a fan of Silas because of this. However, as the story went on, I also found the true love that Hollis was looking for in Silas and was very anxious for them to leave and be wed. I definitely did not expect for the Dark Knight’s to come and destroy everything as they did, or for the love Hollis found to disappear so easily and quickly. Overall, this was a very good book and took me on a whirlwind ride.

Rating: Five Stars

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