Physical Books vs. Kindle/Nook vs. Audiobook

Physical books are great. Whether it is a hard back or paper back, it doesn’t matter. The feeling of a physical book in your hands is like no other and, if you’re like me, the smell entices you. It pulls you in – into reading mode, into reading world – and helps you to be a part of the story.

Now, while most say that Kindles or Nooks aren’t the best way to read, it allows you to still do a lot of the same things as a physical book does. The only difference is, you get your books instantly when you purchase them and you can take well over 10 books with you on one single trip. At the moment, I personally have over 70 books on my kindle and can download them at any moment to read them at my own leisure.

Another way to read is through Audiobook. Many say that listening to someone read is not the same as reading the words yourself. I disagree. As a teacher, I read to my students all the time. Reading aloud to them gives me the opportunity to change my tone and voice so that the students will get more out of it. Listening to audiobooks allows readers to do this with their own individual reading. Any speaker can pull a reader into a book in their own way and in their own time.

All three ways of reading, whether it be physical books, kindle/book books, or audiobooks, help readers do the one thing they want to: read. They help readers connect in many different ways to the novel and grow as a reader.

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