Best Places to Buy Books… for Cheap!

Springfield, Illinois has two really great stores that sell books for cheap. The first is Prairies Archives at 522 E Adams Street in downtown Springfield. This bookstore has books for all people – they have historical fiction, poetry, science fiction, manga, comic books, and even children’s books. You can buy 10+ books for $65! Another little “hole in the wall” bookstore is Books on the Square”, which is just around the corner at 427 E Washington in downtown Springfield. While Books on the Shelf is a lot smaller, they still have plenty of fiction and nonfiction books for all, especially ones that follow Abraham Lincoln. Yesterday, I was able to buy two practically BRAND NEW books for under $6!

If you’re looking for a place around Chicago or even St. Louis, Half Priced Books is the place to go! They are similar to Prairie Archives, but they also have games and other things you can look at!

Finally, in Macomb, Illinois there is The Book Post on the square. It’s another little hole in the wall bookstore that has a variety of choices to fit all your book reading pleasure!

Now, this post is not to discourage anyone from buying books from number one bookstores like Barnes and Noble or even Amazon. This is to help encourage those who may not have the funds to buy books that are at full price but still love to read, like me. Also, if you’re a teacher like I am, you can get a variety of books for your own classroom library on the cheap that are in decent condition!

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